Manufacturing and Mobilisation of Mobile CCTV Units

(SIAG) Build and deploy mobile CCTV vehicles. Whether the requirement is to protect a building from vandalism during the cover of darkness via its night vision cameras; …follow a VIP or dignitary filming and protecting them whilst in transit through uneven country; or to be parked in a public space acting as a clear deterrent to persons wishing to be disruptive. One of the USP’s of our vehicles being that they can be left unmanned and operated remotely via the internet.

(SIAG) have links with associated partners across the globe enabling us to mobilize the requisite security for persons or items where ever the requirement might be.

Our service covers every area of the vehicles sourcing, equipping, custom livery, shipping, maintenance etc. Whether your requirement is to purchase, lease or rent, we can accommodate your requirements.

Our vehicles are built for the protection of our clients, whether they be individuals, corporate or governmental. Whether the client is based in one country or requires a fleet of vehicles based strategically at select airports around the globe, with the vehicles maintained in a constant state readiness, in order to follow the client on their arrival, with front rear and side roof cameras recording 360 degrees at head height and raised by 30 ft (for a birds eye view), thereby ensuring a safe radius for the duration of the clients journey, free of impediments.

Our vehicles are able to record footage 24/7, in transit and remotely. Ensuring the safety of the client at all times.

Our mobile CCTV vehicle interiors are designed for discerning individuals, companies, institutions, Embassy’s, Governments, globally,… for those who choose to seek security, protection and solace from vehicles that are fitted to their unique requirements. We utilize twenty first century cutting edge technology, with discretion diligence and diplomacy.

The interiors of our vehicles can be as basic as a shell with seating and cameras,…to awe inspiring unbridled luxurious opulence of the imagination of our designers. Whether your ‘wish’ is to be surrounded in ‘top grain’ kid leather, aged antique Mahogany, white Chinese Oak, Carbon Fibre panelling, polished steel, Granite, etc.,…or simply the shell of the basic vehicle, (SIAG) can built it.

(SIAG),…Security services and products for the discerning among us who value their security above all. Our service covers every area of the vehicles sourcing, equipping, custom livery, shipping, maintenance, etc..